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The world of leather got a hold of me while making custom knives. I needed sheaths and for a while I had others make them. But one day I got ahold of some basic tools and some leather and started making my own. It was all downhill from there folks. Now we do many things in leather.

Einhorn LLc came to be after years of doing leather as a sideline. Now we have launched You will find our work and leisure line ready for sale. This line is made up of leather wallets, key fobs, and more. Rugged minimalist gear made to last and work hard for you. Veg tan leather stitched and riveted together for a long life. Finished with Neat’s foot oil gives each piece a natural glow.

We still do business the old way too. Contact us and we will get back with you and be happy to talk with you. Need something custom made we can talk with you and work with you to bring your vision to life.

Leather never goes out of style. Contact us today.

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