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Custom Knives

Knives are one of man’s oldest tools. Used for survival, building shelter and to gather food. Over the years we developed many different styles and types. Knives were made as simple tools to elegant works of art. We now live in a time where there are more knives on the market then maybe ever before. There are folders, fixed blades, stainless blades, carbon steel blades, rubber handles, wood handles, and on and on. Prices are all over the place you can buy very cheap or extremely expensive. So why consider a custom knife? Well for lots of reasons. You can chose what you want and how you want it made. Like a particular type of wood for the handle that can be done. Prefer a slightly different blade style also doable. Many times you will find a custom knife has a better edge holding properties. Usually due to a heat treat process that leaves the steel harder. In some cases a custom knife is made as a special keep sake or memento. I have had the pleasure of building some very special knives for customers over the years. Here at Einhorn we started with custom knives. It started as a hobby one night while looking at a small custom knife I had bought I wondered… do you make a knife? Before long it was books and internet forums and I built my first. Now well over a hundred knives are under my belt. Leather work grew from the need to have leather sheaths. It wasn’t long before sheaths turned to belts, holsters and other leather goods. So if you are considering a one of a kind keepsake, check out some of knives. Want something special and specific, just contact us we are happy to work with you to get what you want.


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